Angel 6.0 Escape, a space opera romance series from NYT and USA Today bestseller Travis Luedke. All Episodes available on Kindle Unlimited.

My name is Angel, I’ve been abducted and stolen across the galaxy by the Gran, a fierce race of alien Cats. The Captain of the Gran knows my secrets – I’m the product of illegal genome experiments to perfect the human race. He exploits my special qualities when I serve as his concubine.

When I’m not serving the Captain, I fulfill his wishes. He ordered me to breed or die, so I breed,constantly. Or I try to.

Jason, my fellow captive and lover, is my anchor to sanity. Unfortunately Jason doesn’t know my secrets. He considers clones an abomination.

I fear the day my lover helps us escape as he’s promised. I fear his rejection if he learns of my deceit. I pray to a universe that has never shown me favor, I pray our love can survive our escape.

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“Once again I am lost in the world Travis has created… even more dark and dangerous. ” Stephanie Oursler – The Boyfriend Bookmark

“A bloody erotic adventure… A modern day Barbarella filled with adventure, steamy sex and scifi intrigue.” Joseph Murphy – Author of the Activation Series

“The action and bloodshed were at a glorious high in this episode of Angel 6.0… I’m completely absorbed in Angel’s saga!” Shurrn –  The Smutsonian.com 

Excerpt 1 – A Breeding Experiment (SFW)

“Here comes our Angel with her freshly-fucked glow.” Jason snickered at me from the other side of the barred door to his cell. “Returned to have a romp with the Criminal? Fucked your way to the top, only to slide back down to the bottom.”

I tried not to rise to his bait. Jason hated it when I accompanied Captain Cronin to his personal cabin to play the role of concubine. Jason knew the Cats couldn’t really have sex with human females, and I had explained to him many times what the Captain wanted from me, but Jason still harassed me endlessly.

“What I do for him has probably saved your life. He treats me well, and you benefit too.” Due to the Captain’s generosity with me, I was able to gather quality food for myself and Jason, far better than the liquid gruel the Gran fed to the worker drones.

The Captain unlocked the cell door and I nodded to him and walked inside. Strangely, returning to lockup with Jason felt like coming home. I set aside the small basket of bread the Captain let me take from the cafeteria and went straight to Jason. I wrapped my arms around him, though he tried to turn away from me. “You’re the only one I want, Jason. We have no one but each other.”

The scrutiny of his eyes proved he suspected I was partially lying. I may not be capable of actual intercourse with the large, cat-like male who claimed me for his concubine, but I could serve his sexual needs. I served him very well. The Captain had learned my secrets, all of them. He knew how to trip my pain switch, he knew I was something more than human, and he knew how to use that to his benefit.

Though they look like tall, lanky cats standing upright, the Gran were not stupid. The Gran developed jumpship technology centuries before humanity made the mistake of jumping into their quadrant of space. As a prisoner on this Gran jumpship bound for the far reaches of the galaxy, I had learned to appreciate their intelligence and cunning. Captain Cronin had proven to be a highly perceptive master. I’d never admitted to Jason the full extent of what the Captain did for me, and how much I enjoyed it. If Jason understood the truth, he’d probably hate me just for being born.

“So why do you always come back flushed and smiling? Like you’ve been rode hard and put away wet.” He reached down and unbuckled my belt loosening my skirt that barely covered my front and back. The belt and fabric fell to the floor at my feet, leaving me mostly naked.

Bared to Jason, with the Captain watching from the barred cell door, I was forever trading my body from one lover to another, while lying to them both. Jason dipped his hand down between my legs into my wet, ready folds. I bit my lip with the sweet sensation of two fingers curling up inside me. I moaned as he slipped out and brought his hand to his nose. “You been fucking someone, or something.”

I looked back to the Captain who adjusted the large lump beneath his skirt, the same style of skirt I wore. Hand at his crotch he growl-chuckled, winked at me and walked away.

Since when did he wink?

The Captain had been adopting nuances of human communication from the day he kidnapped me from Nugene station.

Jason’s attitude grated on my weary soul. Lack of sleep will do that. I’d been ridden too hard for too long and constantly drunk on the Captain’s bottomless supply of liquor. Occasionally I managed to catch some sleep in the Captain’s quarters, but lately I’d been too busy serving him to rest. “I have no love for the Captain or the Gran, Jason. Can you please accept the role I have on this ship? I live it every day. The least you can do is endure for me … for us.”

I enjoyed the illusion that this man and I were a couple. Mostly we were a breeding experiment for the Gran. An experiment that would fail miserably. I was born sterile. All clones were sterile.

I had tried to convince Captain Cronin of this fact, but he thought I was being obstinate. I didn’t have the heart to tell Jason I could never give him a child. So I performed diligently, every day, in attempt to conceive the child that would never happen. I shouldn’t complain. Though I couldn’t procreate, I had a wonderful time trying.

Jason reached behind me and undid the strap on my tiny brassiere and tossed it aside. The thing barely covered my nipples – almost ornamental. Apart from my metal collar that marked me as property of the Gran Empire, that scrap of fabric and the skirt lying on the floor were the only clothes I owned – courtesy of Captain Cronin. My jumpsuit had been shredded weeks ago from my one attempt at suicide, when I took on four of the Gran at once. Their claw marks on my skin healed in no time, but my clothing didn’t survive.

I suspected my belted-skirt outfit had come from some Gran female that had once entertained the Captain aboard this ship. Since the Captain and all his Warriors wore similar belted-skirts, I assumed the clothing was part of the Captain’s pretend routine. He dressed me like the Gran, sprayed female Cat mating pheromones all over me, and then pretended to fuck me as hard as he could.

It wasn’t quite pretend though.

The only thing the Captain and I hadn’t done yet was fit his monstrous cock inside me. Everything else had been tried – repeatedly. I was the only female aboard ship, human or Gran, and Cronin took full advantage of me.

Jason tweaked my hard nipples with his fingertips, using them to make his point. “Why do you put up with this? With me? Do you like being used and abused?”

I hated when Jason behaved this way. All I wanted was to be in his arms, to enjoy our time together, before Captain Cronin came to collect me again. “Please, Jason. I’m not your enemy. I’m your lover …”

He snorted. “Whatever. I don’t know what you are. I’ve never met a woman who does the things you do, who acts like you. Sure you’re not one of those fucking idiot drones?”

Standing naked to Jason’s scrutiny and spite, my emotions welled up into an explosive mix. The Gran liquor always did this – made me more passionate. “I’m not an idiot and I’m not your whore! I don’t exist for your pleasure and abuse.”

Slap. His head turned sideways and he staggered.

My palm stung from the hit, but not nearly as much as the hot tears rolling down my face and the aching squeeze around my chest. “I live in two worlds, Jason. Here, with you, and there, with him. No one gave me a choice. You have my body. I give it to you willingly. I give you all I have. I give you my love.” I’d never been one to cry, but the liquor had me sobbing on an emotional roller coaster, and I had to ride it out of my system.

Then he looked at me, not the look of vitriol he’d been wearing since I stepped in the cell, but one of guilt. He closed in and wrapped me in a hug. I cried against his bare shoulder and wrapped my arms around him. “I just want to survive. The Gran must value me somehow if I am to survive in their world.” Jason’s strong, lean arms squeezed me tight and it felt so good. All I wanted was for him to love me, to enjoy these too-short moments we had together.

“Shh, I know. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t do this to you. It’s not your fault, Angel. It’s me … I can’t stand it when he takes you away. You’re so kind and beautiful. You’ve been so good to me. You’re the most unselfish woman I’ve ever met … I realize you’re doing this for me, too. I have no right to take away your future. Besides, I doubt they’ll let me live much longer. Not once you’re pregnant.”

I almost said it then, but I clamped my mouth shut. I hated lying to him. I hated the sick churning in my stomach whenever I thought about my deception. “I’m not pregnant yet, and the Captain wants babies. Lots of babies. They won’t kill you, not if I have anything to say about it.”

Excerpt 2 -– Someday (NSFW)

I undid the buttons on his faded old jeans and dipped my fingers into the soft curls of his pubic hair, working my way to the thick, warm prize inside. When he spoke with the power of his ideals, he became the sexiest man I’d ever met. I wetted for him as my hand clutched his cock.

“I was sent here, Angel, to investigate. I’ll find us a way out of this shithole. You’ll never have to cater to these Cats again, I promise. Then we’ll testify before the world court and expose their crimes. The liars on the Defense Council who sold out the human race will be held accountable. Someday.”

He helped me slip his jeans down off his lean, hard thighs and bared his wonderful, large cock, which was already half-hard in my hand. Jason had enough libido for two men. I helped him strip his shirt off and then lay down on the cool steel bench that served as our bed. I spread my legs for him, waiting for my lover to take me away from this place with the glory of his body joined in mine.

His eyes roved up and down my naked length. I could almost feel the touch of his gaze across my hard nipples and wet thighs. He ran his fingers down my knee to my inner thigh and then gently dipped inside me again. I loved the push of his questing fingers as he found that sensitive place inside me where I needed him most.

As I lifted my hips to meet his strokes he smiled. “Someday we’ll be together beside a beautiful crystal blue lake. A picnic with a bottle of red wine. Someday we’ll live the way humans were meant to, on solid ground.”

“Someday, yes. Today, all I want is you.” I pulled on his arm and dug his fingers deeper inside me.

He pulled away from me and slipped his fingers out slowly. He swirled my warm wetness all over my pussy, making sure I was good and ready. Jason liked to play with me, tease and taste me. I couldn’t get enough of his attention.

Then he stopped.

Breathing hard and fast, I needed him … now, instead he stood watching me slide off the brink of my orgasm. He moved slow and deliberate, slipping up between my legs to hover over me with that wicked grin. I loved when he looked at me like this, so full of promise, so damn sexy.

I opened wide to greet him. My heels wrapped around his back and I scooted my hips to align with his hard edged thighs. My lover didn’t have an inch of fat on him, and I truly enjoyed his sleek, muscular body bearing down on me. He pressed into me with a sweet, delicious kiss while his thick cock rubbed my hot, wet entrance in an agonizing glide.

He kissed me harder, deeper, and I swallowed his tongue. In seconds his cock hardened, sliding in my wetness. I slurped and sucked on his tongue, and my hands pulled his ass, needing more of him, all of him. Ever-so-slowly he pushed and worked his way inside me and I rose up to meet him.

Even when he gave me hell, Jason made my life worth living.

With his hard body pressed against me and cock gliding in and out, filling me again and again, his tongue in my mouth, the world around me faded away. I lost myself to Jason, nothing and no one else mattered more than him. Beautiful, intelligent, loving Jason.

He was not all spite and hatred. He was also patient and kind, lavishing endless hours of attention on me and only me. I was his world and he was mine. All we had was each other. I wished he loved me as much as I loved and needed him, but it was enough. I could handle the imbalance of our relationship, as long as I had his attention and all the slow, hard, beautiful sex he could give me.


Angel 6.0 The Series:

Born of illegal experimentation on the human genome, I’ve been taken for a ride across the galaxy, enslaved to the warlike race of Cats called The Gran. They think I’m some kind of upgrade, a new slave stock to be bred.

Though many would resent me for the decisions I have made, they never experienced my struggle to find love and meaning in a world where I do not belong.

A freak of nature, the humans don’t want me.

Far more valuable than they could ever know, the Cats don’t appreciate me.

Lost in the conflict between two galactic empires, the pirates can’t save me.

Standing at the center of an interstellar war, the Earth Defense Council never saw me coming.

I am Angel 6.0 and this is the dark, wicked, violent tale of my life.

Episode 1, ANGEL 6.0: CONCUBINE
Episode 2, ANGEL 6.0: ESCAPE
Episode 3, ANGEL 6.0: ENSLAVED
Episode 4, ANGEL 6.0: PURSUIT
Episode 5, ANGEL 6.0: EMISSARY